I work on a number of projects to keep my skills current, learn new technologies and just for fun. Below are some of the projects I've been working on.



An easy way to edit AppSync VTL.

Open Source

AWS SAM Webpack Plugin

The AWS SAM Webpack Plugin makes it simple to build SAM CLI projects using Webpack. It replaces the sam build step with Webpack so you can write your code using TypeScript or Babel. See the aws-sam-webpack-plugin github repository.

AWS Amplify

I'm an active contributor to AWS Amplify. So far I've contributed number of features including

  • Support for developer authentication
  • Support for custom authentication
  • Converted aws-amplify-react from Javascript to TypeScript so that type definitions are generated automatically.

Video / Education Instructor

I'm an instructor at So far I've released a couple of one off videos and I'm working on my first course.

Youtube Channel

I'll be launching the Rich Develop Youtube channel in late 2018. While there are plenty of videos showing you how to use features or how to setup demo apps there aren't many that show you how to build real apps. That's where the Rich Develops Youtube channel will be different. On that channel I'm going to live build a number of applications to you can see how to build a real serverless app using my favourite tech stack.