Hey, I'm Rich.

In early 2016 I attended the first Sydney Serverless Meetup. I had heard about this serverless "thing" but really hadn't paid much attention to it. That night changed my career. Finally I could build and deploy fully scalable applications without needing to worry about pesky details like setting up, maintaining and scaling infrastructure. It just made sense.

The future was clear and on that night I decided to walk away from being a Ruby on Rails developer.

Over the last 3 years it's been a wild ride. I've learned so much about Amazon Web Services and building serverless architectures. On this site I'm going to document what I've learned so others can benefit.

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If you have any topics related to building serverless apps that you'd like me to write about then email rich@richdevelops.dev or ask me on X @richdevelops. I'm happy to write about both back end and front end topics.

Thanks for stopping by - Rich